Once upon a time there was a serpent chasing a firefly untiringly, the insect tried to flee as fast. The firefly could flee one day, two, but on the third one, absolutely exhausted, it could only face. The evolution of the initial concepts, enriched with the practice acquired in these years and the special relation that we maintain with our clients, cradled in the professionalism and upmost respect to the rules we spread, has encouraged us to explore new areas of knowledge that contribute to Total Quality - Excellence to all the people, independent of the activity they develop. This new Mission is the one that drives the birth of De Excelencia Of Excellence as a division of IberExpert, created to develop oriented specific programs of formation to the profit of the professional excellence in all scopes. Thanks to its enormous international experience as pioneers in this field and to the communion of ideas of both companies, this collaboration will enrich our work having allowed us to approach new subjects from the foundations of the mental process.

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Testosterone levels influence on our decisions and on our tendency to run risks in both men and women. This enabled all the audience to. Shepard is more famous in relation to his contributions to optical illusions. Notes: Testosterone levels influence on our decisions and on our tendency to run risks in both men and women. Marita Castro Auditory illusions Nse.

Auditory, Illusions, Educar, Asociacioneducar. We are really thankful to all the pofessionals, students, neuropsychoeducators, sponsors and different companies that accompanied us and helped us to carry out this event successfully.

Because of the economic crisis we are undergoing and the outbreak of H1N1 flu, we had been very cautious when thinking about the number of people who would attend the conference, however, and to our great satisfaction, there were over attendees. We would like to acknowledge all the speakers who delivered their talks not only with a high level of professionalism but also with great clarity.

This enabled all the audience to comprehend knowledge of high academic content. We wish to give special thanks to Dr. Judy Willis and Dr. Paul Sullivan Willis, who very generously came to our country to share their knowledge and friendship. Thanks, thanks, many thanks to everybody! Carlos Logatt Grabner Nse. Juan Mora y Araujo Testosterone levels influence on our decisions and on our tendency to run risks in both men and women.

Marita Castro Testosterone is known as the male hormone but in fact both men and women have it. However, it is a fact that its levels are much higher in men. In an experiment carried out by Dr. Characteristics of the research The experiment was conducted with five hundred students of both sexesfrom MBA of Chicago University, who had to choose between taking part in a computer game after which they would win a prize or participating in a lottery game where they could get a much bigger prize.

While the games were getting on, they always had the possibility to choose to either continue in the same game or change to the other. In total, the volunteers went through 15 instances in which they had to decide what to do. The money was not only virtual money because they were supposed to receive some real money once the experiment had finished so that their brains could feel the actual consequences of the decisions Professor John Manning from Central Lancashire University, England, found out that there is an important relation between the relative lengths of the index and ring fingers and the quantity of testosterone the fetus receives during the first three months of pregnancy.

To test how risky they were, the researchers considered the instant in which they changed games and bet on the game that guaranteed a prize.

So as to reduce biological variables, the investigators looked for volunteers of different ages who had different social and economic backgrounds and different levels of education. Testosterone levels were measured through saliva samples before they started playing and once they had finished the experiment. The scientists also worked out the levels of testosterone these volunteers had before being born by comparing the lengths of their index and ring and fingers.

Results: - Men tend to run more risks than women. The experiment showed that students of either sex with high testosterone levels reached higher positions in their jobs. Auditory illusions Nse. The more you listen to them, the louder you hear them.

A Shepard tone is a sound created by the overlapping of sense waves separated by octaves. When these sounds are organized in scales either upwards or downwards, they create the illusion that they increase or decrease in volume. His creator, Roger N. Shepard is a professor of Psychology at Stanford and Harvard Universities and a scientist devoted to the investigation of Human Cognition.

His works combine Mathematics and Physics with psychological experimentation. Shepard is more famous in relation to his contributions to optical illusions and some of his works have become classics in this field. Among the most well-known experiments, we find the Tables illusion, in which the tables are the same size but the brain perceives them as different. To check that the difference between them is only an illusion, you can draw the surface of one of them and then put it on the other.

He took 59 samples of armpit secretions of people from both sexes. Then, he assembled a sampler in which he included female and male smells and this was used to work with two groups of people: one made up of 20 women and the other of 20 men. Both groups had to smell 24 different scents and all the armpit secretions. When the smells were perceived separately, first the scents and then the samples taken previously, there were no significant differences between the two groups.

Then the investigators selected each of the scents according to their capacity to hide the smell extracted from the armpits and were presented together so as to test the sense of smell of the two groups. For the researchers, this difference is due to the fact that for women smell is more important than for men when they have to choose a partner that guarantees a good reproduction.

As we are learning more and more how our brain works and learns, Neuropsychoeducation has managed to change some deep-rooted concepts that were impairing the natural process of brain learning development.

It is necessary to respect the Attentional periods: - Uptime: period during information is perceived, all our senses are on the alert and attention is maintained. We reflect, associate, have an internal dialogue and discover connections. Adults need to process information every 15 or 20 minutes. The younger the person involved is, the shorter the uptime periods are. However, there are various memorization techniques mnemonics, the Loci method, the Frayer model, etc.

To achieve a resonant environment in which all the members can draw out their best potential we have to bear different aspects in mind. Among other things, we have to give clear instructions, an immediate and complete feedback, respect the attentional periods, cover all learning styles, be coherent, give options and be convinced and assure our students that mistakes are part of the learning process.

To develop resources to be and knowledge able to respond to cognitive and emotional challenges. Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page:. Marita Cast Page 8 and 9: This shows that even when men wear. More magazines by this user. Close Flag as Inappropriate. You have already flagged this document. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean.

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