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Resultado de imagen para uvea parte del ojo. Find this Pin and more on Best diwali wishes by Vijay Kumar. Eye Anatomy. Medical Coding. Medical Science.

Medical Anatomy. Human Anatomy And Physiology. Human Body. Eine grafische Darstellung des Augapfels im Querschnitt. Umgangssprachlich wird der Augapfel auch als Auge bezeichnet. Find this Pin and more on Deutsch by Silvana Inzetta. Eye Structure.

Structure And Function. Eye Function. Study Motivation. Health Motivation. Medical Jokes. Healthy Lifestyle Tips. How eye injuries work. I think this is quite useful if your character suffers an eye injury. I have a question about eye injuries. I have a character who suffers an injury during a knife fight, resulting in a cut over his eye. Is it possible, with immediate medical attention, that he'd be able to keep his eye or would he lose the whole thing as opposed to just his vision?

Human Body Anatomy. Diagram Of The Eye. Human Eye Diagram. Vitreous Humour. Sensory System. Parts Of The Eye. Student Nurse. Human Eye Anatomy seen from above. Eyeball Anatomy. Skeleton Anatomy. Having children is something that many couples dream of? Before the baby comes to the world, you may be eager to know what your kid will look like.

The following inforgraphics can you a helpful primer on basic genetics. So stop waiting and. Find this Pin and more on Things about me by Sarah Lewis.

Just In Case. Just For You. Baby Eyes. Kids And Parenting. Cool Stuff. Eye Color Chart Genetics. Baby Eye Color Chart.

Far from a teenage nuisance, acne affects nearly 50 million Americans of all ages. To deal …. Find this Pin and more on Misc.

Natural Acne Treatment. Natural Acne Remedies. Home Remedies For Acne. Pimples Treatment. Acne Treatments. Scar Treatment. Holistic Remedies. Acne And Pimples. SaludVisual Infografia. Pharmacy Technician Study. Ultrasound School. Eye Medicine. Optometry School. Biomedical Science. Medical Design. In this video, we'll be using the Kits of Medicine suture kit to run through the basics that you need to know before you start suturing.

We'll be demonstrating various suture techniques within this suture video series. Best of all, you can purchase the suture material used in the video by visiting our website, and practice placing your sutures while watching our videos! Find this Pin and more on Suture kit by Samane Ahmadi. Medicine Notes. Medical Transcriptionist. Surgical Nursing. Surgical Suture. Surgical Tech.

Nursing School Notes. Medical Field. Suture Techniques - Suture Basics. Human eye and orbital anatomy, superior view anatomy. Gross Anatomy. Anatomy Drawing. Realistic Eye Drawing. Human Figure Drawing. Drawing Ideas. Moringa Oleifera. Human eye and orbital anatomy, superior view. The Eye. Find this Pin and more on coding by TishaSmiley. Anatomy Head. Brain Anatomy. Medical Students. Nursing Students. Follow Your Curiosity Muscle Anatomy. Human Anatomy. Female Reproductive System Anatomy.

Human Body Parts. Body Systems. Anatomy And Physiology. Find this Pin and more on Schule by I'm Anna. Medical School. College Notes.


Distribution and Development of Substance P Immunoreactive Axons in the Chick Cornea and Uvea

The originally medieval Latin term comes from the Latin word uva "grape" and is a reference to its grape-like appearance reddish-blue or almost black colour, wrinkled appearance and grape-like size and shape when stripped intact from a cadaveric eye. The uvea is the vascular middle layer of the eye. It is traditionally divided into three areas, from front to back, the:. In addition, some uveal regions have special functions of great importance, including secretion of the aqueous humour by the ciliary processes , control of accommodation focus by the ciliary body, and optimisation of retinal illumination by the iris's control over the pupil. Many of these functions are under the control of the autonomic nervous system.


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Resultado de imagen para uvea parte del ojo. How eye injuries work. I think this is quite useful if your character suffers an eye injury. I have a question about eye injuries.


A study was made of the distribution of Substance P-immunoreactive fibers in chick cornea and uvea in whole mount preparation, using the indirect immunofluorescence technique. The development of these fibers during embryogenesis was also investigated. SP-fibers were present in all chick eye structures, in the various prenatal and postnatal stages examined. Their distribution was comparable with that observed by other workers in mammals. Transformation of the iris musculature from smooth to striated, during development, is not accompanied by significant changes in SP-ergic innervation.

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